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Weakley County Municipal Electric System


Gleason Superette

Jozelle's Beauty Shop

City Drug Store

Gleason Lumber

Floyd Greenhouses

Gleason Hardware

Eveready Auto Parts

Gleason Clinic

Steele Plant Company

Bank of Gleason

J & P Car Care

Ann's Beauty Shop

Earthen Vessels Pottery Gifts & Bistro

Spain Bros Milling Company

Master Tire & Auto

Crestview Automotive Service Center



Masonic Lodge





Retire in Weakley County


Weakley County Chamber of Commerce


Gleason Library



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Gleason Online is designed to serve as "Your Gleason, Tennessee Information Website". It is hoped that this site can serve as a useful source of information for Gleason residents as well as those who have lived in Gleason at one time or another and who simply wish to keep in touch. The site is also designed to provide an easily accessible and centralized source of  information for individuals who may be thinking about moving to the area as well as businesses that might  be considering making Gleason their home base. Gleason Online is a work in progress, currently getting more than 15,000 website visits per month!


We are constantly updating the site and welcome input regarding ways this site can better meet the needs of Gleason and its residents. We would be happy to provide online listings of  major Gleason related events and area related news that is forwarded to our office.


Feel free to contact me by E-Mail or Phone.


Jim Johnson

P.O. Box 566

Huntingdon, TN 38433

Phone: 352-246-4025


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                                  (On Gleason, Tennessee)


As I sit on my porch on a warm summerís eve

At peace with the sun going down

My mind wanders back to my childhood days

Growing up in a small southern town

It was a town where you knew everyone

And where you liked most everybody you knew

A town where families helped others in need

And where others were there to help you

It was a time when kids going to school

Were actually encouraged to pray

And you didnít worry about offending someone

If you chose to observe Christmas day.

It was a time where deals were made

And then sealed by two men shaking hands

And a place where nothing was valued more

Than the character and the word of a man.

It was also a time of warm summer days

That now seem - so very long ago

Days filled with friends - baseball and bible school

And Saturday afternoon picture shows

As a place to live during oneís early years

A better place could never be found

I am pleased to say that I was born right here

In this great little Tennessee town


                                                                Jim Johnson




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